Hanifa -  Late Jurassic - Hanifa Formation, Wadi Birk, Howtat Bani Tamim

Daqlah - Late Jurassic - Arab-D Formation, Daqlah

Al-Wahj - July 2018 - Onshore and offshore reconnaissance research


The research will combine data gathered during field excursions such as surface sediment samples, soft sediment cores, bathymetry data and sediment thickness data from Chirp sub-bottom sonar profiles with satellite images and high resolution drone based photogrammetry. The objective is to produce detailed maps of surface sediments and derive from these maps templates that can be used for modelling facies distribution in subsurface reservoirs.

Abu Dhabi Field Trip 2017 - Sabkha Video


By - Gloria Castro Quintero & Clara Modenesi: A walk through Sabkha environment