Upcoming Event: Carbonate Geology Field Trip at KAUST Beach

20 September, 2018

​The upcoming carbonate geology field trip will take place at KAUST Beach on the 29th of September 2018. This field trip is organized by the CaResS Geology research group and will be lead by Prof. Volker Vahrenkamp. The students will be introduced to the peritidal environment, especially tidal-flat area and will learn to apply the knowledge that they have learned in the class to the real-life field-scale environment. ​Some of last year field trip joy and site photos are displayed below.

Last year field trip location at KAUST Beach pinned on Google Map.

Tidal Flat Core

A core was dug on the tidal flat site. The grains in the uppermost part were composed of ~30% macro-fossils fragments of gastropods and bivalves. Plant root and burrows were seen in the middle part of the core.The section was giving distinct smell associated with anaerobic degradation.

Exposed Coral Head

A coral fragment was exposed and found on the shore. This coral fragment was encrusted and heavily bioturbated by algae, sponges, and smaller boring organisms.

Field trip group photo-


The joy of the participants of the last year carbonate geology field trip.