Successful research proposal by CaResS group member for a scientific Red Sea expedition with Research Vessel METEOR.

08 April, 2021

In collaboration with colleagues from Germany (Hildegard Westphal, ZMT; Christian Betzler and Thomas Lüdmann, University of Hamburg) Dr. Alexander Petrovic (CaResS, ANPERC) and Prof. Francessca Benzoni (HaBB, RSRC) were successful in acquiring a 22-day multidisciplinary research cruise with the German research vessel METEOR, including a state of the art deep-sea ROV. The cruise is scheduled for 2022/2023 and has the objectives to investigate the influence of climate shifts during the Pleistocene on the Red Sea margin sediment dynamics, carbonate platform development and on the mesophotic to aphotic biosphere around Al Wajh platform.

Scientists from varies EU research center (University of Hamburg, ZMT, Senckenberg, MARUM, University of Bremen, ISMAR) and KAUST departments (e.g. ANPERC, RSRC,) will participate and collaborate on this cruise. KAUST will also provide logistical and permit support.

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